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The Sounds of the Journey

Here are sound clips recorded along the way. Many of these are interviews done by Mike Roberts, Musical Director of Journey East 2008.

Mike is recording “sounds of the journey” with interviews of students and others along the way. Some of the recordings are taken while on planes and buses, so there will be some background noise. I think you’ll find this fun and exciting. Plus, for parents, this is a real bonus!

These are MP3 files, so they can play on just about any audio device. Enjoy!

March 28


Clark in Chongqing

1.5 MB


5 MB

Opera in Zhujiajiao

5 MB

Shanghai to Zhujiajiao

2 MB

Tyler in Ciqikou

2.2 MB

Vera in Zhujiajiao

1.7 MB



March 30


Chongqing Children’s Palace - English Lesson

.75 MB

Graham and Vera on the Yangtze River

2.9 MB



March 31


Tom in Shi Pan Chun

2.5 MB

Lauren in Shi Pan Chun

3.5 MB



April 2


Alysa on the bus to Leshan

4.3 MB

Amanda at Irrigation Project

2.6 MB



April 3


Sarah, Audrey, and carol at the Panda Breeding Center

3.8 MB

Middle School in Chengdu (read description)

3.1 MB

English Department Head (read description)

2.1 MB



April 5


Maggie- First night in Qufu

3.0 MB



April 6


JE Boys and Girls sing Kangding

2.8 MB



April 7


Tom in Qufu English Class

4.0 MB

Qufu English Class

2.3 MB

Jake, Lena, and Tyler - Night Discussion

2.9 MB



April 14


Praying Lama at Da Zhao

1.1 MB

Jake at Da Zhao

2.9 MB



April 15


Ikh MongolRehearsal

5.1 MB



April 16


Mongolian school music class

2.7 MB

Ridiculous Little Mongol Dance

3.2 MB



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