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JE 2008

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March 25: Departure for Shanghai

March 26: Arrival in Shanghai. Activities in Shanghai arranged by the Shanghai Education Association for International Exchange.

March 27: Activities in Shanghai arranged by the Shanghai Education Association for International Exchange.

March 28: Departure for and arrival in Chongqing.

March 28: Hotel check-in and visit the General Joseph Stilwell Museum

March 29: Ciqikou Ancient Street

  • Visit Three Gorges Museum
  • Visit to Hongyadong Culture Center. Traditional
  • Sichuan hotpot and watch traditional performance

March 30: Children’s Palace

  • Visit to Hu Guang Guild Hall and downtown vehicle-free streets
  • Evening cruise on the Yangtze

March 31: Visit to a village in Dadukou District (farmland, farm home and village school.

  • Visit to NO. 94 Middle School

April 1: Dazu County and visit to Dazu Stone Carvings

  • Leshan

April 2: Visit to Min River and Giant Buddha of Leshan

  • To Chengdu by bus
  • Dujiangyan Irrigation Project (Li Bing was the architect of this project.)

April 3: Panda Breeding and Feeding Center

  • Visit to a Middle School

April 4: Depart for Jinan

  • April 5- April 11: Among the activities will be:
    • Visit to the Three Kongs (Confucius Mansion, Confucius Temple and Confucius Forest
    • Visit to Confucius’ birthplace at Ni Shan.
    • Visit to a rural village
    • An afternoon in downtown Qufu
    • Three performances to be determined
    • Workshops on Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Folk Singing and traditional Chinese instruments.
    • Interaction with Chinese Middle School studentsat the Attached
    • Middle School of Qufu Normal University
    • Visit to Mt. Tai, one of China’s five sacred mountains.
    • Visit to the Yellow River Bridge outside of Jinan
    • Jining Teachers College

April 5: Qufu

April 6: Qufu

April 7: Qufu: Visit Affiliated School of QNU; Visit Temple of Confucius, Kong Mansion, and Confucius Forest

April 8: Qufu: Lecture on Chinese painting and calligraphy and a visit to Ni Hill -- birthplace of Confucius.

April 9: Qufu: Visit JiNing College, Joint performance with college students

April 10: Qufu: Rizhao campus of QNU, “seashore playing” in the afternoon. Farewell Banquet in the evening.

April 11: Qufu: Chinese instrument lecture. Rehearsal. Final Qufu performance.

April 12: Visit Mt. Tai. Students will spend the night at a hotel in Jinan prior to our flight

April 13: Flight to Hohhot through Beijing.

  • April 13 – April 22: Activities in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia will include some or all of The following:
    • Performances at: The Arts College of Inner Mongolia University
    • The Mongolian Nationalities College
    • Inner Mongolia Normal University
    • Middle School of Helin County
    • Visits to: the Mongolian Kindergarten; a middle school; a high school and a university in Hohhot
    • Collaboration and interaction with Chinese/Mongolian students at The Arts College.
    • Visits to Dazhao Lamasery, The Inner Mongolia Provincial Museum, The Five Pagodas, The Muslim Quarter
    • The Gobi at Singing Sands

April 14: Dazhao Lamasery and the Five Pagoda Temple. Lunch at Badawan Restaurant. Rehearsal with dance, vocal and instrumental teachers

April 15: Visit the National Primary School and the Mongolian Kindergarten of Xingcheng Street. Afternoon performance at the National Minorities College

April 16: Visit Mengniu, the largest dairy operation in North China and then a Middle School in Helin County and an afternoon performance for the Middle School

April 17: Gobi Desert

April 18: Performance at Inner Mongolian Normal University

April 19:

April 20: Host family visits. Rehearsal

April 21: Last day in Hohhot. Farewell Banquet.t

April 22: Flight to Shanghai

April 23: Shopping and packing for the return home

April 24: Departure for the U.S. and arrival in Hartford at approximately 9:53 P.M.

April 25: They’re back! Thanks for the memories. (Plus: answers to quiz)

Answers to the Quiz


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