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JE 2008

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And They’re Off!

Good morning everybody. Welcome aboard everyone, the journey has officially begun! When we get news of the group’s progress and safe landing in China, we’ll post it on the site. Here is a picture of the gang just a few short hours ago:


The JE gang will spend the day flying for what will seem like forever! This is a really long day for them, but their anticipation of what lies ahead will keep them going for sure. For some, this will be their first time in an airplane.

The group has safely landed in Chicago and is waiting for their flight to China. To follow the progress of the flight to Shanghai, go to and click on the “flight status” tab. Type is flight number 835 and you’ll get the scoop. The plane is now in flight from Chicago and on their way to China! They are scheduled to arrive in China around 2:00 am (our time tomorrow morning. That will be tomorrow afternoon over there.

While the gang is spending the next 14+ hours flying the friendly skies, let’s talk about the time difference. If you are reading this Tuesday morning, it is Tuesday night in China. (China is exactly 12 hours ahead of us). It takes some getting used to the fact that whatever time it is here, it is the opposite there.

To get an idea of what kind of weather the group is experiencing each day, you can check on the major areas of the where the group will be by clicking on the “China Weather” link to the left of the page.

In journeys past, the group has landed and stayed in Beijing for a few days. But due to the Olympics taking place in Beijing this summer, the prices and congestion has made Shanghai a better choice for the start/stop point of the trip. Tomorrow, we’ll spend time talking about Shanghai as this is a first time the Journey East program.

Okay, so, when we here of the group’s safe arrival in China, we’ll post the good news on the site. Until then, we have some parting shots of the kids and parents at the school yesterday before they left for Hartford and at the airport/hotel. (Thanks Andi and Rick!). Seems like only yesterday . . .

tn_Je 2008 003

tn_Je 2008 004

tn_Je 2008 014

tn_Je 2008 019

tn_Je 2008 020

tn_Je 2008 023

tn_Je 2008 024

tn_Je 2008 025

tn_Je 2008 026

tn_Je 2008 027




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