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Tonight, Tonight, Won’t Be Just Any Night!

The JE 2008 group is on its way back home. No matter how great the journey, this is the best part -- the safe return home.

Tom, Mike, and Meg took the kids and chaperones on a magnificent journey through thousands of miles and thousands of years of China. We saw just a very small token of it through their pictures, through their writing, and through their hearts. Now, they are on their way home again and the rest of the story can be told, in person. The journey now leaps from the computer screen to life!


For those of you going to the airport to pick up your kids and spouses, here is some important information for you from Tom:

    Today is going to be brutal for all of us. The check-in at the airport here [Shanghai], security, the long [14 hour] flight to Chicago and then the stress of running to customs and immigration; waiting in long lines of thousands of people arriving from international destinations; rechecking our baggage and then hustling to go to another terminal and through another security check before getting to the gate for the Hartford flight will be difficult [to say the least!]. We don't have much time to get from Chicago baggage recheck to the next flight so the stress level is going to be high.

    Six of our kids have “show bag” responsibilities and we need to be sure that no one leaves baggage claim in Hartford until we have made arrangements with baggage claim personnel to deal with a bag that may not have come in on our flight.

    NOTE: If a student has checked their own bag and a “show bag” and leaves with the claim checks after making sure that they have their own bag only, we could lose that “show bag.”

    As anxious as you are to leave the airport and get home, we MUST make sure all baggage has arrived and the people responsible for them, have them.

    The kids are going to be “wiped out” and we will rely on you, the parents, to help us with this very important final activity. THANK YOU!

The above is very important and I know you all will help in every way to assist Tom and the group with the bags.

Here is a link if you want to check the status of the flight from Shanghai to Chicago (Thanks Andi):

Hey, what’s this? A birthday party? And I thought we were going experience the first birthday-less journey this time around. Well howdee-doo! Melissa Soule celebrates her birthday in China!. Now how cool is that? Everybody now:

    Happy birthday to you . . .

    Happy birthday to you . . .

    Happy birthday to Meliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Happy birthday to you!

    Yeehaw! Yeah. Alright! Whooppeee!

Let’s check out the photos of the birthday party!

tn_22 and 23 189

tn_22 and 23 191

tn_22 and 23 194

tn_22 and 23 190

tn_22 and 23 177


tn_22 and 23 223

tn_22 and 23 216

tn_22 and 23 199

tn_22 and 23 207

tn_22 and 23 228

tn_22 and 23 234

tn_22 and 23 244

tn_22 and 23 237

tn_22 and 23 239

tn_22 and 23 208

tn_22 and 23 232

What a way to spend the last day in China. Speaking of the last day, here are some parting shots of the big city of Shanghai:

tn_22 and 23 009

tn_22 and 23 004

tn_22 and 23 114

tn_22 and 23 003

tn_22 and 23 115

Goodbye Shanghai

tn_22 and 23 041

tn_22 and 23 143

tn_22 and 23 006

tn_22 and 23 107

tn_22 and 23 120

tn_22 and 23 136

tn_22 and 23 108

tn_22 and 23 081

One last look at “the way they were . . .”




Well, everybody, this has been a lot of fun. But it’s not over just yet! We’ll wrap up everything tomorrow, after everyone is back home “safe and sound” with some final thoughts about Journey East 2008.

So, get to work on the quiz and we’ll see you back here tomorrow -- one last time.

Enjoy the day, it’s going to be a great one!

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