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It’s Quiz Time!

Good day everyone!

In honor of Earth Day, we are going green! It’s also QUIZ day (see below)!

And now we wind this journey down to the finish. The day after tomorrow and the JE 2008 gang returns to the good ol’ US of A! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Due to a very slow, and intermittent, Internet connection from Shanghai, we won’t be getting photos during the day today. However, we do have some interesting links (thanks Xiaoyan) to Chinese web sites that covered the JE 2008 activities. Check ‘em out:

From Inner Mongolia Morning Post:

  • From Xinhua Net.
  • Related pages from the website of the college:

These are very cool. Wow! Talk about being “in the news!” Thank you, thanks Xiaoyan.

Now, here’s Tom with a very brief report:

    Just arrived at the hotel in Shanghai. We are going to the Pearl TV Tower tonight. The largest in all of Asia and the third highest in the world. [Tom]

While we wait for the reports and photos, let’s talk about a very important matter. For some of you, this is your second time around (and third for a couple of you!), and you know all of this stuff. So the following is for those of you who are experiencing your first Journey East.

    We talked earlier in the journey about these students being ambassadors for Vermont and for the U.S. Everything they said and did was a big deal, everyone they met was anxious to see them, talk to them, be with them. Banquets, guests of honor, celebrations, gifts, etc. They were the story. Everything, every day, was about them. They have been treated like “celebrities” for a month, a lifetime. Front page news!

    Well, when they return to Vermont, they return to what they were a month ago -- themselves. No big deal. Ordinary people. This will be a challenging adjustment for them and for you. They will expect, and deserve to a certain extent, for people here to pay attention to them like they have been in China. Most people don’t even know they have been on this journey, let alone what they have experienced. They are just another person.

    For several days after their return home, you will give them that deserved recognition. Their fellow students and teachers will also give them praise and attention for what they have done. They will certainly see life in a different light, questioning and comparing everything they used to take for granted. They are coming home with a wealth of knowledge and understanding and they need to share it, to test it, to use it. They will compare and challenge the ways here with the ways they have seen and lived in China for the past month.

    In time, these young people will work their way back from this exhilarating experience to being themselves again. They will never be the same, that’s for sure.

    Over the next couple of weeks, these guys will be able to transition slowly from their celebrity status as they perform and share their journey with students throughout the state of Vermont. Their journey will become a “star” for many young people to look and wish upon. The young people who experience the JE troupe will see that this might be them one day. Maybe. Hopefully.

    We mustn’t forget that this journey is the result of the the previous journeys’ successes (2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2007). Had those efforts not proven worthy and successful, this journey would only be a “what if.” JE 2008 will join that great list of “journeys.”

    Okay, so with no photos today, I have decided to give you al an extra day for your quiz.

Several times during this journey I told you to pay attention ‘cause there was going to be a quiz. Well, I am not going to let you down.

Below, you’ll find your JE 2008 quiz. This is an “open site” test, which means you are allowed to go back and look through the journey for the answers. I will post the answers on Friday, when we bring this journey to a safe and sound conclusion.

Before I let you loose on this challenging test of “were you paying attention?,” we’ll say goodbye for today and look forward to seeing you all back here tomorrow. We’re almost there everybody. One more day!

Now that we are just about finished here, the journey may not seem like it lasted a month. But once you begin searching back through the site, looking for answers to the quiz, I think you’ll be reminded (and amazed all over again!) how huge this journey really was, is, and will be for the rest of (yours and) your child’s life.

Enjoy the day!

Okay, you may turn your papers over and begin . . .

Journey East 2008 Quiz

  • The group visits five major cities. What are they?
  • How many hours difference is China from us? Ahead or behind?
  • What is the basic monetary unit of China?
  • What name is Shanghai is often referred to?
  • What major event will take place this summer in Beijing?
  • Qufu is the birthplace of whom?
  • Can you name the three chaperones of JE 2008?
  • How long is the flight from Chicago to Shanghai?
  • How many official nationalities are there in China
  • The students visit the seashore. Where was that?
  • What famous museum, named after a general, do they visit in Chongqing?
  • What is the majority people group in China?
  • What sport did the group engaged in during their stay in Qufu?
  • Besides Tom, to whom do we give credit for making this Journey East Program possible?
  • Can you name (first name only) all of the kids of this journey? (10,000 bonus points)
  • What is “hot pot?”
  • How many (total) photos are found on this journey’s web site? (if a photo is used twice, it still counts.) (5,000 bonus points)
  • Mike teaches Lena and Lauren how to do something. What is it?
  • What Chinese year (hint: name of the rodent) is 2008?
  • They visit a sea of a different color. What color is the sea and why is it that color?
  • Who said “A picture is worth a thousand words?”
  • Hohhot is often referred to as “what?”
  • Maggie gets her picture taken with a couple in a department store. What event was taking place?
  • Name three major sights seen in Chongqing.
  • There is one group photo where many of the students are each holding something. What is it they are holding.
  • The kids learn a love song in Qufu. What is the name of the song?
  • How tall is the Leshan giant Buddha?
  • Are one hump or two hump camels found in Asia?
  • What is the symbol of Hohhot?
  • The group takes a ride on what river in Chongqing?
  • Can you name five students from each of the previous five Journeys East?
  • What was the name of the song the group taught to the Mongolians?
  • How do you say “hello” in Chinese?
  • While at the seashore, the students ride animals. What animals did they ride?
  • The Gobi Desert is also know as what?
  • What is the name of the sacred mountain the group visited?
  • How many steps to the top of Mt. tai?
  • There is a photo of a camel and rider that does not belong with the Gobi desert. Who is the rider, where is the picture taken, and what is the camel’s name?
  • Name five different kinds of Chinese food mentioned during the journey.
  • What is Confucius’ surname in Chinese?
  • Tom was presented with a gift upon arrival in Hohhot. What was it?
  • In 100,000 words or more, tell us about your favorite part of the 2008 Journey East.

Good luck!

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