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Answers to the Journey East 2008 Quiz

  • Shanghai, Chongqing, Qufu, Beijing, Hohhot
  • China 12 hours ahead
  • Yuan
  • Hu. Nickname is Shen.
  • 2008 Summer Olympic Games
  • Confucius
  • Carol Bailey, Vera Gervais, and Kurt Tietz
  • Approximately 14 hours
  • 56
  • Yellow Sea, Rizhao.
  • The General Stillwell Museum
  • Han (92%)
  • Soccer
  • Dr, Juefei Wang
  • Cassidy, Bo, Maggie, Graham, Sarah, Victoria, Shelby, Alyssa, Greg, Landis, Amanda, Tyler, Lena, Taylor, Jake, Rachael, Audrey, August, Eliza, Lauren, Sarah, Melissa, and Michaela.
  • Chinese “fondue,” or stew cooked at the table.
  • Approximately 1,000. If you guessed between 950 and 1,50 you get this right!
  • Chopsticks
  • The Year of the Rat
  • Yellow Sea. Yellow, due to the yellow-ish sand from the Yellow River.
  • Some say Confucius, others say Napolean Bonaparte.
  • Blue City.
  • A wedding reception.
  • Three Gorges Museum, Children’s palace, Yangtze River, Dazu Stone Carvings, Giant Buddha, Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, Panda Breeding Center..
  • Umbrellas.
  • Kanding Love Song
  • 233 feet tall.
  • Two hum camels are found in Asia (one hump camels are found in Arabia)
  • The horse (a symbol of national pride for ethnic Mongolians)
  • The Yangtze River
  • If you actually answered this, give yourself 100,000 bonus points!
  • “Country Roads”
  • Ni hao
  • Horses
  • The Singing Sands.
  • Mt. Tai
  • More than 7,000
  • Cassidy Anderson on a camel (named Hump-hrey -- get it?) in Egypt, taken in summer ‘07.
  • Hot pot, dumplings, hot peppers, angel food cake, pizza, shrimp, noodles, salad, fruit, bread, sushi, meats, rice, veggies, spaghetti, Fondue fountains of white, dark and milk chocolate; fiver different kids of ice cream with yummy toppings and whipped cream, crepes.
  • Kong
  • A bouquet of beautiful flowers.
  • Yeah, right. If you actually did this (and I’ll need to see proof), then you are totally into Journey East! Cool.

You passed. Congratulations!

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