Good morning!

Today marks the official ďhalf wayĒ mark! Letís get on with the show!

We arrived in Hohhot from Xi'an at about 10:45 this morning. Good flight; staying in a very nice hotel a little further out than we have the last few times. Ann and Matt have a short meeting with Art Department people this afternoon and then we have the reception tonight. The changes since I was here last are nothing short of amazing. I guess that I've said that before. New highways, buildings, just incredible. The weather here is more like it must be in Vermont; much cooler than Xi'an or Qufu. The wind is howling outside of this hotel and the mountains are somewhat obscured by the sand that must be coming in off the Gobi. I must say that I still love this place, warts and all. Attachments on the way. Photos and journal entries that we have been unable to send for the past few days. Keep the faith. Tom

The group has now arrived in Hohhot. This is where they will work with other students in developing a collaborative performance, mixing sounds and sights from both cultures. This stay in Hohhot really highlights the journey in all its glory. The first part of the trip has helped to prepare the group for this magnificent exchange of personalities.

Be sure to check the Interesting Links to learn more about this part of the world. Inner Mongolia is 118, 300 square kilometers - 46,000 square miles - with a population of nearly 24 million people. Vermont is 24,900 square kilometers - 9,600 square miles - (correct me if Iím wrong! with a population of 600,000 people. Now, do the math and see how many people there are per square mile in each of these places . . . amazing, isnít it?

Okay, thatís it for today. Looking forward to tomorrow . . .