Good morning!

Great news! We have the first pictures of the Journey East troupe:

There’s nothing like seeing a picture of your child (or spouse) as they stand on the Great Wall of China! And the pictures of the Beijing Opera are magnificent!

Now, here’s what Matt and Tom had to say:

Everyone seems to be adjusting to the time change and we had absolutely beautiful weather for our trip to the great wall today. Internet access is sketchy at best and all the menus are in Chinese characters.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Matt & Ann

Went to the wall at Mutianyu today and did the acrobats tonight, a fabulous performance. Tomorrow we will visit the Temple of Heaven in the morning and Tiananmen Square in the afternoon, to be followed by a trip through the Forbidden City. We'll go to the Beijing Opera tomorrow night and head to Qufu the next morning by plane.

Everything is fine. Tom

There is a chance we might get some more photos and the first “student report” sometime today! And Tom says more photos should be forthcoming. This is exciting, eh?

For those of you new to this journey, each of the students will write a report during the trip. They will share with us, through their eyes and hearts, the events of a particular day.

A “Where Are They Now?” map link has been added to the side of the pages. As the group moves about, we’ll add a map showing where they are and where they’ve been to this point. The map buttons will indicate the date they traveled to the new location.

Also, an overall China map link has been added to the top of the pages, along with the Interesting Links, main Journey East page, and the link to the front page of the Leland and Gray High School web site.

Enjoy the pictures and . . . stay tuned!