Trip to China

This is a three year program. During the Spring 2002 and 2004 semesters, the Journey East group will travel to China.

Letís follow their adventure . . .

Spring 2002 and Spring 2004 -- Journey East II
Leland and Grayís Asian Studies Academy and Sino-American Performing Arts Exchange

Study of Chinese language, literature, history, geography, philosophy, spirituality, performing arts, politics


Four-Week Trip to China: First half of the Performing Arts Exchange: Three weeks travel, research and performance in China ( Inner Mongolia, Qufu, Xiaan, Beijing)

Week-long arts collaboration with students in Hohhot yielding a piece to perform in Inner Mongolia and Vermont

Follow up activities including homecoming performances at various locales, interaction with community members, and school visits statewide.

Journey Eastís mission is to help spread the word and grow Vermontersí understanding of Asian and its cultures. To that end, the performances offered throughout the exchange will be free to the public with donations welcome.

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