Day by Day . . .

Follow the Journey East II group as they travel through China.

Simply click on the dates below to read about the day’s adventures and see accompanying photos:

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And they’re off!

To the airport!

Up, up, and away!

Follow their flights!

They made it!


The Great Wall!


First contact!

magnificent photos

Leaving Beijing

Tiananmen Square

Confucius says

Temple, Forest, shop

Some free time

Happy Birthday Alex


Happy Birthday Rachel

Opening night

Happy Birthday Elayna

Meet the family

The show goes on

Thanks for your hospitality

Farewell to Qufu

On the road again

Happy Birthday Kestrel



Here or to go?

Sights for s’more eyes

Half full?

Half empty?

Going up?

Hot in Hohhot

Staying put for a while

Follow the yellow silk road

Time out

getting organized

on the road


Soon . . . real soon

We’re back!


mutton glutton

Three weeks ago


lights, camera, . . .


I’d like to teach

. . . the world to sing

a captive audience

acting up again

Pizza anyone?

and how about “desert?”

Time flies . . .

and so do the kids - again

The last dance

one more time!

My bags are packed

and I’m ready to go

And they’re off!

coming home!

Home Sweet Home

The End


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