Program Timeline

Late Spring 2001
Students declare intent to be considered for Spring 2002 Academy

To reach out to neighboring schools of WCSU, the academy is designed to include up to five students from other districts as well. The availability of such an opportunity would be amply publicized well in advance. Selection process (wrap up in summer if/as needed)

The timing of the selection process is designed to allow students sufficient time needed to plan their academic course for the following year and ensure they earn all credits required.

Summer 2001
Asian Studies Curriculum Development

K-12, district-wide with guidance from ASOP at UVM

Fall 2001
Introduction of Chinese language program into selected WCSU elementary schools

Further development of District Asian Studies Curriculum and Professional Development Opportunities

Spring 2002 -- Journey East II
Leland and Grayís Asian Studies Academy and Sino-American Performing Arts Exchange

Study of Chinese language, literature, history, geography, philosophy, spirituality, performing arts, politics


Four-Week Trip to China: First half of the Performing Arts Exchange: Three weeks travel, research and performance in China ( Inner Mongolia, Qufu, Xiaan, Beijing)

Week-long arts collaboration with students in Hohhot yielding a piece to perform in Inner Mongolia and Vermont

Follow up activities including homecoming performances at various locales, interaction with community members, and school visits statewide.

Journey Eastís mission is to help spread the word and grow Vermontersí understanding of Asian and its cultures. To that end, the performances offered throughout the exchange will be free to the public with donations welcome.

Fall 2002 -- Journey East II
Leland and Grayís Asian Studies Academy and Sino-American Performing Arts Exchange

Launch Asian Studies curriculum district-wide

Second half of the Performing Arts Exchange:¬ Chinese student performers arrive in Vermont to perform at various venues, interact with students, and stay with host families for approximately one month

Follow-up activities and seminar for Academy participants (open to entire community).

Expansion of Chinese language program

Spring 2003
Repeat program design for year 2001 -- with adjustments -- including all related activities

Spring 2004
Repeat program design for Spring 2002 with adjustments.

[Journey East 2002]