Activities Schedule

Students in the Academy, in collaboration with performing arts faculty, will create a 75-minute program of music, theatre and dance to be performed for audiences in China. The program will reflect what students learn through the Academy about both American and Chinese performance content and traditions. As was the case with Journey East I, the presentation style in the American students’ performance will be broad and declamatory incorporating a generous dose of music, but it will rely minimally on dialogue to communicate its message and deliver its entertainment.

Leland and Gray’s Journey East II participants will spend a month in China in year one (April 2002) and year three (April 2004) of this program. Chinese performers will visit Vermont for three weeks during year two (November 2002).

After performing at various venues throughout the host regions (China and Vermont respectively), the Vermont and Chinese participants will establish residence at a school in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, PRC and at Leland and Gray, Townshend, Vermont, respectively, where they will work on a collaborative piece to be performed for the host school as part of the farewell Journey East show at each venue.


May 17th, 7pm, the JE2 troupe will present their program in the L&G gym, followed by a “question and answer” session.

Come and see what these kids are doing!



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